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  • Like an engineer would have stated: it depends ? My skill set really doesn’t strongly suggest visual design. But yes, I’m a UX Designer, for sure. And I’m confident enough to add that I’m pretty good at it. But I’m not the pixel acrobatic. Side note: you’re unsure about your own skill set or how […]

  • When designing digital products we, as UX Designers, deal with screens, pages, and page flows. We rarely get physical. Maybe sometimes we make paper prototypes for e.g. website navigation. But typically our experience doesn’t reach beyond digital. Imagine areas where physical objects and digital applications merge. Think about a smart home use case, where things […]

  • UX beyond Pixel pushing explained.

  • All too often you can observe the following: It’s review time and the first public deliverables are to be shown and discussed. The beamer launches and the UX Designer starts describing the pictures (e.g. wireframes). But obviously, nobody seems to get what he’s talking about. The following discussion gets out of hand and carried away […]