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  • Like an engineer would have stated: it depends ? My skill set really doesn’t strongly suggest visual design. But yes, I’m a UX Designer, for sure. And I’m confident enough to add that I’m pretty good at it. But I’m not the pixel acrobatic. Side note: you’re unsure about your own skill set or how […]

  • Recently I wrote about a little UX exercise I did at work. It was about prototyping for designers. I’ve been building a prototype of a donation box, to help a colleague to collect some compensation for his expenses—Designers also should build physical prototypes Meanwhile, that fellow colleague has set up an a/b-test, to find out […]

  • Be prepared for the forthcoming 2019 UX bingo talks. Here’s a list of (UX) Design vocabulary* you definitely should know. Design Thinking UX Research Journey Maps Content Strategy Storytelling UX Writing Illustrations 3D flat Design Gradients Personalization * Useless if you don’t know how to talk. Still, only crafting nice pixels and feeling hyper-emphatic won’t get […]

  • When designing digital products we, as UX Designers, deal with screens, pages, and page flows. We rarely get physical. Maybe sometimes we make paper prototypes for e.g. website navigation. But typically our experience doesn’t reach beyond digital. Imagine areas where physical objects and digital applications merge. Think about a smart home use case, where things […]

  • UX beyond Pixel pushing explained.

  • “The” User is not a Thing Don’t forget that users are also human beings. E.g. people who shop online, have motivations and emotions – MotiMotions Users not only have needs and requirements regarding the products they want to purchase, or regarding the platform which they are using. Also, personas are often only referring to the users’ […]

  • It feels like since decades the fold is being discussed. And yes, still in 2018 the fold is a matter. Did we get nothing better to do? Sure, but we have to face the fact that people – often times HIPPOS and half-knowers – are talking about it and throw their requirements, wanting to put […]