Category: Methodology

  • The pursuit of excellence and the excessively high process orientation often prevent us from making progress and achieving great results. So here are two recent articles that take a look at the design thinking process and user research. Don’t be too rigid and dare to skip a step. Step by step, no, baby. Yes, fortunately, […]

  • All too often you can observe the following: It’s review time and the first public deliverables are to be shown and discussed. The beamer launches and the UX Designer starts describing the pictures (e.g. wireframes). But obviously, nobody seems to get what he’s talking about. The following discussion gets out of hand and carried away […]

  • Unfortunately, testing often degenerates into a trial. New designs are somehow thrown into a variant test. The testers hope to win the jackpot. It’s like digging gold somewhere along some river. This is very time-consuming and not really profitable in the long run – unless you are very lucky.

  • People ignore design that ignores people. Frank Chimero No fear. As the maths phobic I am what follows is more about an underlying thinking approach. Phew ? UX is neither a science nor pretty paint on the system. It’s still and basically about human beings, their needs and experiences with web sites and apps. Some inequations […]