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  • Like an engineer would have stated: it depends ? My skill set really doesn’t strongly suggest visual design. But yes, I’m a UX Designer, for sure. And I’m confident enough to add that I’m pretty good at it. But I’m not the pixel acrobatic. Side note: you’re unsure about your own skill set or how […]

  • This week’s moderated pick of links. Design principles express the living values of your design approach. They can exist independent from a design system. But if you want to build a design system, think about your principles first. They’ll guide you toward better design decisions. //Design Principles The costs of underrated/ignored UX issues can be […]

  • UX beyond Pixel pushing explained.

  • An unorthodox, pragmatic, and yet low cost solution to a common design problem. The design is done when the problem goes away. Jason Fried

  • It feels like since decades the fold is being discussed. And yes, still in 2018 the fold is a matter. Did we get nothing better to do? Sure, but we have to face the fact that people – often times HIPPOS and half-knowers – are talking about it and throw their requirements, wanting to put […]

  • The winds of change are blowing. We’re in the middle of a big turnaround. No of course not. But UX is getting mature – finally! Our metier goes back to its roots and at the same time moves on. And we as the so taunted called UX Designers face a lot of challenges.