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  • They’re not only producing happy little moments—Micro Interactions. They can enhance the whole UX. Microinteractions in User Experience Utilizing Microinteractions To Enhance Your UX Design The valuable process of Design Thinking under discussion. But worth it, if done right. 5 Stages in the Design Thinking Process The Design Value Index Shows What “Design Thinking” Is […]

  • This second issue is about accessibility, a11y. Accessibility beyond code and WCAG. A pick from my pocket list. Where to board the train for UX Designers. //Unlocking Accessibility for UX/UI Designers Not only the ones who code are responsible. //A Primer to Web Accessibility for Designers It even will pay out. //The Business Case for […]

  • This week’s moderated pick of links. Design principles express the living values of your design approach. They can exist independent from a design system. But if you want to build a design system, think about your principles first. They’ll guide you toward better design decisions. //Design Principles The costs of underrated/ignored UX issues can be […]