The winds of change are blowing. We’re in the middle of a big turnaround. No of course not. But UX is getting mature – finally! Our metier goes back to its roots and at the same time moves on. And we as the so taunted called UX Designers face a lot of challenges.

For those wondering why UX today is so much about research, empathizing with users, defining problems and so on. BORING! It’s always been like this. UX in its core has never been and still is not about designing experiences. It’s about creating positive experiences by designing with the users in mind. The underlying methodologies are merged under Design Thinking – booh another buzzword! Empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping and designing (in its closer sense) then testing – again and again. A lot of jobs to be done but obviously little art of painting.

Yes UX is boring. To those who feel creative, who are talented in creating beautiful things, but are not willing to do the dirty job groundwork. Or at least are not willing to feed their creative process with the basic knowledge from those having empathized and defined the problem. UX is not UI.

Lucky devil it’s not too late to catch the bus. Read more about the current state of UX and learn where to get started with UX:

And yes UX in 2018 and beyond means a lot of new challenges to all of us, but also the core principles will live on and guide us through the change: Is UX dead?

Have a good journey!

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