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  • Take advantage of AI’s assistance – UX Strategy Pa(i)per

    Leading question: How will AI support and assist UX Designers in future? With its ability to analyze large amounts of data, automate repetitive tasks or adapt to user behavior, AI will also transform the field of UI/UX design. While this post does not cover specific use cases or provide links to AI tools or APIs currently available, […]

  • Like an engineer would have stated: it depends ? My skill set really doesn’t strongly suggest visual design. But yes, I’m a UX Designer, for sure. And I’m confident enough to add that I’m pretty good at it. But I’m not the pixel acrobatic. Side note: you’re unsure about your own skill set or how […]

  • Be prepared for the forthcoming 2019 UX bingo talks. Here’s a list of (UX) Design vocabulary* you definitely should know. Design Thinking UX Research Journey Maps Content Strategy Storytelling UX Writing Illustrations 3D flat Design Gradients Personalization * Useless if you don’t know how to talk. Still, only crafting nice pixels and feeling hyper-emphatic won’t get […]

  • This week’s moderated pick of links. Design principles express the living values of your design approach. They can exist independent from a design system. But if you want to build a design system, think about your principles first. They’ll guide you toward better design decisions. //Design Principles The costs of underrated/ignored UX issues can be […]

  • UX beyond Pixel pushing explained.

  • It’s been a while since I really put hands on web accessibility. Over 10 years now. At that time from the point of view of a developer, when I built and adapted WordPress websites, or removed tables from Joomla templates myself. In these days we merely talked about code, and also about font sizes and colors, […]

  • Until today UX often remains nothing more than buzz, a noble goal. And still, UX Designers are complaining about not being understood by others or over customers who are not getting their point. Even in agile organizations and those that generally recognize the value of UX, UXers fail, e.g. when being part of a SCRUM […]