Dear newsletter creators and email senders. Can you even imagine that today a lot of – if not even most – users read your messages on a mobile?

See that attached screenshot of an email. That’s by far not readable. Not readable unless I use two fingers and pinch to zoom.

That’s super annoying! I move most of those emails directly to the trash. No big deal.

But what’s annoying most is, when I assume that such an email is of much interest for me. In this case, I easily could recognize the relevance of that email for me. That’s the thing you got right. The combination of sender and subject line were adequately expressed. I lately signed up a credit card with you. The context was strong enough.

I opened the mail and directly got upset. I couldn’t read your info at once. I held my mobile in the right hand. In the other hand, I was holding a sandwich. And I was very hungry. But guess what? I had to lay down my very delicious sandwich, to be able to pinch the screen and zoom in.

No reason for me to withdraw my credit card contract with you. At least not yet. But this negative experience will somehow have consequences. The next time we meet in my inbox I won’t open the email. Because I will know how it will look like. Chance passed to land your message—unless it will be an important process mail. I’ll again open it and zoom in…

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