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  • Colors of India—Personal Filter, Part 3

    Week two in India and still a lot of impressions and motifs to capture. We were on a temple trip for two days, and are now back at Mahabalipuram—room at the beach.

  • Another bunch of photos from our trip to India. After six days at the Ideal Beach Resort, we move on, and are looking forward to seeing other places.

  • Some photos of my trip with my family to India—Tamil Nadu in the south. Partly heavily edited with filters and effects. By this I tried to catch the sceneries how I’ve seen them just in these particular moments. Not only incredible—in many dimensions—India is very vibrant, colorful, and full of contrasts.

  • English first

    I’d like to share some thoughts about writing in English, my experiences over the last 13-14 months, and why I’ll stop writing about UX and Webdesign in German.