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Content & Pixels #3

They’re not only producing happy little moments—Micro Interactions. They can enhance the whole UX.

The valuable process of Design Thinking under discussion. But worth it, if done right.

Content & Pixels #2

This second issue is about accessibility, a11y. Accessibility beyond code and WCAG. A pick from my pocket list.

Content & Pixels #1

This week’s moderated pick of links.

  • Design principles express the living values of your design approach. They can exist independent from a design system. But if you want to build a design system, think about your principles first. They’ll guide you toward better design decisions. //Design Principles
  • The costs of underrated/ignored UX issues can be expressed as UX debt (equivalent to tech debt). //UX Debt: How to Identify, Prioritize, and Resolve
  • From the Aesthetic Usability Effect to the Zeigarnic Effect //The Laws of UX

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