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Mathematic Foundation of UX

People ignore design that ignores people.
Frank Chimero

No fear. As the maths phobic I am what follows is more about an underlying thinking approach. Phew ?

UX is neither a science nor pretty paint on the system. It’s still and basically about human beings, their needs and experiences with web sites and apps. Some inequations may give better guidance.

  • Strategy ≠ Pants
  • Concept ≠ Meeting+Brainstorming
  • UsersNeeds ≠ You + (HIPPO*GutFeeling)
  • User ≠ GoogleBot
  • Persona ≠ Testimonial
  • Empathy ≠ Data
  • Emotion ≠ StockPhotoPeople
  • Useful ≠ FeatureRich

One can think about many more inequations. Basically for me the key lies in learning by inequations and antipatterns.

Give it a try and also keep the UX principles in mind. A classic from 52 weeks of UX: 10 Principles of UX

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