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Step by step, no, baby!

The pursuit of excellence and the excessively high process orientation often prevent us from making progress and achieving great results. So here are two recent articles that take a look at the design thinking process and user research. Don’t be too rigid and dare to skip a step. Step by step, no, baby.

Yes, fortunately, we’ve got well-established UX processes, tools, and checklists for our daily work. However, at some point, this may make us a bit sluggish or may affect our innovative strength and ultimately our productivity. If we stick too much to our (ideal) processes. That doesn’t mean that we should throw all that good methodology overboard. But sometimes we should simply act faster instead of striving for perfection.

Design thinking usually follows a step-by-step process, which seems simple enough. Unfortunately, this fixed structure is usually where things go awry for companies looking to come up with a great idea. – Design thinking sucks, but it doesn’t have to

Know your user. Yes, this is also true and somehow the core of UX Design. But idolizing the user also won’t get you anywhere. Try to think of them as people. People with motivations and emotions. Instead of trying to find the user archetype.

It’s impossible to understand your user 100% but you shouldn’t feel guilty, it’s all part of the right approach. – It’s OK not to understand your user

You really need to moderate your Deliverables

All too often you can observe the following: It’s review time and the first public deliverables are to be shown and discussed. The beamer launches and the UX Designer starts describing the pictures (e.g. wireframes). But obviously, nobody seems to get what he’s talking about. The following discussion gets out of hand and carried away – if there’s any discussion at all.

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