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A/B Testing a Physical Prototype

Recently I wrote about a little UX exercise I did at work. It was about prototyping for designers. I’ve been building a prototype of a donation box, to help a colleague to collect some compensation for his expenses—Designers also should build physical prototypes

Meanwhile, that fellow colleague has set up an a/b-test, to find out how to increase the amount per donation. It’s very interesting to see, which issues, or hypothetical improvements were already addressed, while not being aware of my last article.

  • Security — there’s no lock on the prototype
  • Insertion slot — big coins, like our 2€, don’t fit
  • Visual Design — as it is a quick and dirty prototype, the design is quite basic, even ugly

Compare the prototype (original) versus the first mature model (variant).

This first model of a mature donation box comes with several improvements:

  • A lock to prevent people from stealing money — although, as I already mentioned, we’re all good people 😉
  • Wider insertion slot allows throwing in the 2€ coin
  • Premium designed, wooden chest

The preliminary result is quite clear. So far — after circa three weeks — the variant outscores the original by 54:15 Euros.

Still, that’s by far not enough to fully compensate my colleague’s expenses. But, as I also mentioned in the original article.

[…] without forcing anyone to cover the exact amount of their consumption. And, without hurting the colleague’s need to do good to the community.

And finally, the range of sweets has also been expanded. So now I’ll go over to get another candy bar.

Colors of India—Personal Filter, Part 3

Week two in India and still a lot of impressions and motifs to capture. We were on a temple trip for two days, and are now back at Mahabalipuram—room at the beach.

Room with a view and sound of the Indian Ocean
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Colors of India—Personal Filter, Part 2

Food Hub in Covelong Rd, Mahabalipuram

Another bunch of photos from our trip to India. After six days at the Ideal Beach Resort, we move on, and are looking forward to seeing other places.

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Colors of India—Personal Filter, Part 1

Some photos of my trip with my family to India—Tamil Nadu in the south. Partly heavily edited with filters and effects. By this I tried to catch the sceneries how I’ve seen them just in these particular moments.

Vibrant colors of housing buildings in Mahabalipuram

Not only incredible—in many dimensions—India is very vibrant, colorful, and full of contrasts.

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Have Your Say in UX 2019

Must be a UX Designer

Be prepared for the forthcoming 2019 UX bingo talks. Here’s a list of (UX) Design vocabulary* you definitely should know.

  • Design Thinking
  • UX Research
  • Journey Maps
  • Content Strategy
  • Storytelling
  • UX Writing
  • Illustrations
  • 3D flat Design
  • Gradients
  • Personalization

* Useless if you don’t know how to talk. Still, only crafting nice pixels and feeling hyper-emphatic won’t get you far.

I’m afraid, you’ve got to do the grammar work, too. Build sentences, write chapters, practice, do, and then, one day, maybe, write your complete book.

Free illustration from unDraw

Content & Pixels #3

They’re not only producing happy little moments—Micro Interactions. They can enhance the whole UX.

The valuable process of Design Thinking under discussion. But worth it, if done right.

Don’t Make Me Pinch

Dear newsletter creators and email senders. Can you even imagine that today a lot of – if not even most – users read your messages on a mobile?

See that attached screenshot of an email. That’s by far not readable. Not readable unless I use two fingers and pinch to zoom.

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